Do you have something terribly important to do? Yes. Great! Here is the place to demotivate and atrophy that importance. Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today…. Yawn. Umm because right now, you don’t actually feel like doing it at all. There are far more interesting things you can do…. Like read this blog, or there’s the internet and pictures of grumpy cats and Youtube and, and…. I shan’t go on. Dive in, make a brew, add the ice and lime if you’ve got something stronger on the go (it’s a sundowner somewhere), this is somewhere to revel in your inactivity.

This is the blog of sighs and half remembered activities and jobs…. This is where you come when you don’t really want to do anything. My mission is to provide you with a diversion – a break – from all that tedious achievement, action, to do list or planning….

Sometimes you just shouldn’t do it. Unless you’re a brain surgeon or a pilot, umm, then, please get back to whatever you were doing. Seriously, what are you even doing here!

What do I get out of it, well the chance to write it out. You my dear lazy people are far cheaper than therapy………. And much more fun…

A confirmed procrastinator…..



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