The secret about secrets and writing. Oh and tools and tips too…..

The secret to writing the most awesome and stupendous novel, blog, article, memoir… Is…..

Write it.

That’s it. That’s all i’ve got for you. I love craft books and process and the whole “life of a writer” beautiful lies. There is no “life” of a writer, in fact most writers are pretty boring…. Take J.K Rowling as an example…. Hardly scintillating as a person is she, although I’m sure her family adores her and she’s nice to children and small animals? Or…. bit topical I know, Erika James who wrote fan fiction and turned it into “Fifty Shades”?

There are no hidden secrets except do it, get better at it. Read as much as is humanly possible. And stop looking for the answer outside of yourself. It lies within. You are you, the most unusual voice and to truly enjoy it, you need to stop thinking there’s a formula to it. Because there is a formula, but it’s different for everyone, it’s your formula for success….

You can plot. You can pants. You can write upside down and dictate your work if that’s what it takes. But it’s different for everyone. I enjoy reading thoughtful and well-crafted helpful advice blogs as well as the next person. But NEVER EVER take someones word as gospel on these things.

Yes, you have to learn and know the rules so that you can break them…. But make your own rules.

The only thing that links every writer is an urge to create something that someone else will “GET”. How we get there is different. Why we want to get there is also different.

The only thing that make a writer, a writer, is that we write…..


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