The freedom to do nothing… A sunday reflection…

imagesI am very happy today. In fact i am buzzing, singing and skipping with it. Why?

Well, it’s because I have nothing to do….

Oh well, not strictly true. I have a thousand things I could and can do – if i Choose. And it’s the choice that is making me happy. There is a little bit of ironing… But not more than an hours worth.

In the not so dim and distant past, Sundays were a combination of either cleaning, housework, ironing and usually prepping for a busy week at work. Whilst also on occasion being an emotional support structure, reviewing someone else plans for the week, secretarial and admin duties not relating to my own life/work or goals. If I was lucky, I’d go into the week with a whole list of plans, schedules and tightly arranged lists. In addition to the security of knowing that someone else was on top of it all.

In the nearest not so dim and distant, Sunday was still cleaning, ironing and often working day, with the occasional niece and nephew trip or pop to a friends to do something fun.

Life has radically changed and I really appreciate it……

This is my last of these type of days, i think for a while. The overtime that my gorgeous and extra super man is doing is finishing and I guess we’ll have to settle into a new routine with that. I don’t think he quite gets the freedom and happiness that comes from not having to speak to anyone on these days.

He looked at me and asked earlier “are you planning on going out?” before he left…

He doesn’t understand that with my day job at the corporate asylum, all I do all day – is talk to people. Engage and communicate. I love my job. I really enjoy what I do. Not as much as writing. One day I will get to live my passion. But apart from that. I adore it. But it does turn me into something of a wannabe social recluse when I’m not there. Oh it’s great to get out and catch up with friends or do some girlie stuff on Saturdays, but I’m really happy in my own company.

I enjoy time alone. With the house quiet and still. A few well-chosen songs playing. I’m going for a run in a bit. An indulgence with my music blaring and then I will come back re-shower and chill. I might write, I might not.

I like the freedom of nothing “to do”.


What do you think?

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