For Batman for giving me the courage to write. Again.


As a child, I escaped with you into unknown places,

Playing in fairy-tales, my imagined friends in wooded creeks and springs,

My helpers grew silent as the years passed, put away like dolls and racing cars,

Their well-being passed along by you, in stories of elsewhere

As I grew into bones of drama and discontented

You comforted with gentle sighs

I read a world of books, admonished by you in hushed tones,

That I could cause such wonder, if I would dare to dream such dreams

With every false start and forgotten spirit of a tale, you danced and stomped

You gave the sounds of voices not heard in a fifteen minute world

You watched and waited, spinning tales and softly obscuring the dish-bound sink

Showing better and more wish-soaked vistas,

Where evil can be conquered and hope resides in hearts unseen

Though I listen intently; I fear old man time has robbed me of your gifts

Yet, you return, time again, laughing with glee at the game

Speaking in astonished wonder at my horror – that you could ever, ever, leave m

More constant than your friend, the lady of the luck

Edit:- I never know how to punctuate poetry and I’m an awful go back and tweaker too…


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